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Some Books by or about Ludwig Wittgenstein

Introducing Wittgenstein by John Heaton, Judy Groves (Illustrator), appignan
Ludwig Wittgenstein has captured the popular imagination as the modern Socrates. He is considered the master of enigmatic logic and is a fascinating and attractive icon of modernism. Here is an accessible guide to the man who prized poetry over philosophy, a tormented soul who thrived on jokes and crime fiction, a loner who inspired lifelong friendships. 

Wittgenstein's Ladder : Poetic Language and the Strangeness of the Ordinary by Marjorie Perloff
Anyone interested in either Wittgenstein or poetry should read this book. It does a remarkably good job of both philosophical and literary analysis, making the case that poetry, like philosophy as conceived by Wittgenstein, embodies the curious collision of the mystical with the mundane which best demonstrates the limits of language. Tightly reasoned and methodical, the book explains why Wittgenstein has had so much influence on aesthetic and  ethical projects of the Twentieth Century, and suggests why that will continue. "The pursuit of the ordinary may well  be the most interesting game in town."

Art As Language : Wittgenstein, Meaning, and Aesthetic Theory  by G. L. Hagberg
I can't claim to have read everything there is about Wittgenstein, or even half. But as a long time reader of Wittgenstein and his various explicators, I urge anyone interested in W. to purchase this book.
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Blue and Brown Books by Ludwig Wittgenstein
If you've never read Wittgenstein, bear down; and soon enough you'll cry, and shout, and praise God--blessed are the hours this man lived! Make room on your bedside table, tear out and fold the pages so you can carry them in your pocket; invest in your enlightenment.

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