The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon


When discontented we tend to blame others for our misfortunes or we sight circumstances on which to blame
our lack of success.
In this way we fail to observe our own opportunities.
We fail to accept responsibility for our own destinies. [1]

The mastercraftsman tends to his own work,
he corrects his own shortcomings. [2]
He places upon himself the yoke of discipline,
and takes responsibility for his own support. [3]

Knowing that the Great Harmony is not partial,
but yet, favors those who align themselves to it,
he expects nothing and is, therefore, never disappointed.

 [1] If there is a way of making life easy for ourselves it is only by harmonizing within ourselves so that we can harmonize with all the different conditions and experiences of life. If we complain, there is no end to our complaints. In order to have no complaints we must not complain. But we should be conscious of the fact that all that we experience is called, is attracted by us, and that all we shall experience will be called by us also. Thus at each step in our life we must be wise, in order to recognize, among all the things that we desire, those that we should call to ourselves and those that we should not. The past has passed, it is no use mourning over it. It is just as well to forget the past except for beautiful impressions and good memories. It is the present for which we are responsible, for it is the present which will be our future. The most essential thing, therefore, is to harmonize in such a way that by centralizing our thought within ourselves, by finding our real self, the future may become harmonized. There is a prayer in the East: 'We thank Thee, God, for all we have experienced; the only thing we ask is make our end the best experience of all.'
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Our Life’s Experiance

 [2]  “I am working as much as I can. People who have managed to do something have followed different paths but they have never diviated from hard work. That has to be the most powerful objective of an artists life.-- When a person is really an artist this is an inexorable fact, the way night follows the day. Picasso once said: "Everyone in your country strikes me as being an amateur."
Joan Miro in a letter to E.C. Ricart. Montroig, August 22, 1920

 [3]   “We must make every effort, Rafols my friend,to do good painting. If we do only "interesting" things we will soon run out of resources. With the little bit of talent that one has at age 20, the hell with "interesting" things. What we have to do is to learn to paint--look at that devil Picasso! If we keep wasting time and being content with doing interesting things--it won't be long before they are not talking about us any more. We must forget about that and keep on always searching and digging deeply and preparing ourselves for the day we are mature enough to start doing really interesting  things.”
Joan Miro in a letter to J. F. Rafols. Montroig  August 10, 1919

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