The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon

The ancient craftsmen, knowing well the 
way of the Creative Harmony
did not attempt to make art into a fashion
their work was integrated into the traditions
and cultures where they worked.

Why  is the audience hard to please?
They have become too sophisticated and restless.
They look always for some thing new.
When art becomes fashionable and trendy it 
becomes degraded.
When artists grow weary of commercialism and hype
they begin to look for deeper traditional standards.
 Knowing the difference between these two approaches
is to begin the return to the original meanings of art
which are universal and profound.[1] 

This search returns the mastercraftsman 
to the Universal Harmony;
behind them the cultures follow.


[1] How should you train yourself in the quality of Binah, Understanding? By returning to God... If you meditate on returning every day, you stimulate Binah to illumine each day. In consequence all your days join in returning, that is, you integrate yourself within Binah, who is called Returning. Each day of your life is adorned with the mystery of supernal return. (p. 87) 

Daniel C. Matt, The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism. 
New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1995. ISBN 0062511645.

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