The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon


The mastercraftsman  who is well established
in the Creative Harmony does not lose his way:
what he firmly grasps can not be taken from him.
Thus the traditions pass from one generation to the next. 

In cultivating the Creative Harmony within his person,
the mastercraftsman's nature become genuine.
In cultivating the Creative Harmony in the artistic community,
the artistic community  flourishes.
In cultivating the Creative Harmony in the community at large, 
the community at large will be a light to the world .
In cultivating the Creative Harmony in the world,
the world will return to its true nature. 

The mastercraftsmen knowing that the Creative Harmony 
is the inner root of all the things,
observes a thing according to its unique nature 
within the Creative Harmony.
How do they know the inner root of things?
They find it within themselves. [1]


[1] (The Tao) is always present and always available... If you are willing to be lived by it, you will see it everywhere, even in the most ordinary things. (22)

from The Hua Hu Ching

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copyright 2000 Cecil Touchon all rights reserved