The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon

Number 53

1a) To follow the way of harmony is to maintain simplicity and be strait forward.
1b) Yet, people prefer to follow the side trails.
1c) Be aware of things when they are out of balance; hold to the center.

2a) The museums are filled to overflowing with treasures
which wealthy patrons have donated.
2b) The treasures are meticulously maintained at great expense.
2c) Meanwhile, the artists are barely able to feed their families and purchase materials for working.
2d) Yet, for a modicum of “exposure”, they are asked to donate their works for auction
so that funds may be raised that an “important work” can be purchased.

3a) At their fund-raisers, the tables at the museums are covered with white cloth and expensive foods and wine.
3b)The caterers wander about keeping everyone’s glasses full.
3c) The patrons gather in their tuxedos and evening gowns to be seen by each other
and buy the “local” art for almost nothing. How magnanimous!
3d) This is called robbery and crime.(1)


(1)  While I love this piece, I must comment only on one point. My boss owns a newspaper and printing company which I am gainfully employed by. He asked me to host the grand opening of his Art Gallery the other day which featured "local" (New England) artists. He purchased a great deal of alchohol for the opening, and interestingly enough, this did serve to increase the amount of art purchased! Being drunk may lead someone to purchase anything... The prices were actually kind of high.
I do most certaintly agree with the last part of "3" ("This is criminal"). My boss is keeping such a large portion of each purchase that the artists do not make anything in the long run. Considering the cost involved in painting and framing their work, I would say they lost out.
Point 1 and 2 of your new Tao Te Ching need not even be mentioned- they are obviously true. The only thing I wanted to explain, really, was why there is so much alchohol! (The only benefit in this whole system!) 

     David Streever from an email correspondence to the Fluxlist 24 Oct 2000 13:06:19


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