The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon

The skillful musician becomes the hands of the composer
he doesn't impose himself on the work.
The skillful artist fashions his work with such integrity
that it seems as if it were born whole.
The skillful writer constructs his story in such way
that it becomes a living experience in the mind of the reader.

The master not only is a master of his art
He is ready to impart his knowledge to any that
wish to learn.
He leaves no one behind.
He uses all circumstances in life to achieve his end
and abandons nothing.
This is known as becoming the creative light.

Therefore the master is a teacher
to the students of his craft
The artistic personalities of the students
become as living sculptures that he shapes and forms.

If you are a student of some artistic craft,
respect your teacher, allow yourself to be open
to learning all he can teach you.
If you are a teacher, take all care
with your students as with your finest work.
If students refuse to be taught, if master
will not be bothered with teaching, both are straying
from the path of harmony no matter their intelligence or talent.
This is a most essential principle.


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copyright 2000 Cecil Touchon all rights reserved