The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon

Before this earth was formed,
before the stars in the cosmos gathered into light,
there was a nebulous something,
a dynamic creativity as yet unformed and unforming.
It resided in silence; emptiness slowly swirling within itself.
It could be called the ‘Mother of Everything’.

There is no name for something nameless
but to call it something,
I would call it the Universal Harmony.
To offer some image that might describe it,
I would call it a great, infinite vastness.
To say that it is a an infinite vastness is to say that it extends infinitely
 outward beyond conception.
To say that it extends infinitely beyond conception is to say
that it extends infinitely inward.

Thus, from this greatness,
the cosmos is great,
the earth is great,
and the master is great.

The master lives his life on the earth,
the earth in the cosmos,
the cosmos in the Universal Harmony.


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copyright 2000 Cecil Touchon all rights reserved