The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon


When the nature of the creative harmony is forgotten,
intellectual prowess and academic credentials
are highly valued.
When eloquent critics are admired and
connoisseurship is in full bloom,
artificiality has set in.
When artists become pop heroes and the details
of their personal lives are scrutinized with cherish, [1]
the harmony of the culture has been lost.
When the darkness of confusion has completely
enveloped the culture,
historians and curators meticulously categorize
and safeguard the ideas and objects of the arts.


 (1)  In an age of the personality cult, it has become necessary to sell the artist along with the art. This, and the time pressure - essentially irrelevant to art - have introduced strong negative forces. These do violate the basic act of the artist, which is some form of positive, dynamic thinking, the growing and extending of the general vision, if only occasionally and imperceptibly. It is the most human of acts. It generates in the mind and the soul the power that makes possible the realization of the fullest dimensions of life. Perhaps that’s why the work should stand alone. The artist becomes irrelevant, as he was in ancient Peru or “darkest” Africa.

Svetozar Radakovich, b. 1918, Ruth Radakovich, b. 1920, 
artist statement from, Objects USA, 1970 (73-87253)


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