The Hidden Sphere
(of Artistic Concerns) Cecil Orion Touchon


The creative order unfolds unendingly.
All things emerge out of its infinite nature.
Each creative act uniquely reflects the unity of inexhaustible being.[1]

Though we are rarely aware of its unseen workings,
harmony is the very root of all things,
each receiving its proper proportion 
within the context of the greater harmony.

Who can say what is the origin of this harmony?
It exists before anything comes to exist.[2]


[1]...As I said: Harmony is not the same for everyone. It is a matter of conception. To be sure, Natural Harmony is present in nature, but equilibrated relationships of the abstract represent another conception of harmony. That the concept of harmony is relative perfects itself with time, is demonstrated not only by the succession of art forms, but to some degree by the life of every artist. For it is precisely the beauty of the artist's efforts that he continually strives toward a pure expression of harmony with each new vision of beauty, he discovers more clearly that the harmony to be found in existing things is so powerful that the visual representation is incapable of rendering it.

Natural Reality and Abstract Reality - 
an Essay in Trilog Form, Piet Mondrian- page50
[2] His creation springs, not from nothingness, from something other than Himself, from a not-Him, but from His fundamental being, from the potencies and virtualities latent in His own unrevealed being. 

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